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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting to work...

Doesn't everyone's transportation look like this?!?

Sometimes I use extra small planes (a 207 ... 5 passengers + pilot)

sometimes I get there via helicopter ...

(view flying into my work site... Little Diomede)

or I use a snowmachine once in the village...

and don't forget walking of course, or four-wheelers... transportation in the outskirts of AK :)

How do you get to work?!?

Sun and Snow

Last week I spent some time in Savoonga, where the sun was bright, and the snow was plentiful. Here are some pics...

They have two windmill power generators in Savoonga... helps cut down on the already outrageous cost of heating fuel in the villages. An important move forward for villages, and for the sake of our planet.

I also spent some time in Nome... timed it just right to see some of the mushers from the Iditarod come in.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back track for a moment...

Here are those pictures from Fairbanks... family and fun!

And the cutest niece and nephew I have in Alaska ;)

ps- the mark on Cassie's forehead is a birthmark that will slowly change and eventually disappear... there is a name for it, but I can't remember :(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break fun...

I spent my spring break in Fairbanks this year. . . not any warmer or sunnier than normal, but I got to hang out with Leif, and my family. My parents were up from Colorado simultaneously helping out my sister with her new little one (yup, they are adopting a little girl). Her name is Cassey Lynn and she is 5 months old.

So over the course of the week Leif and I spent a long weekend in a public use cabin off Chena Hot Springs Road. One neither one of us had been to before and it turned out to be a relaxing and fulfilling weekend, if not exhausting. We hiked in, breaking trail through the newly fallen snow (anywhere between 5 and 10 inches of the fluffy white stuff) only to find out two things, we are far more out of shape than we thought, and the trail was longer than the map said. We made the 7.25 mile (in our estimation) trip in 7.5 hours!!! Talk about a long day...

But once we made it in and were fed, all seemed better with the world. The next day was spent cycling through bouts of eating, reading and napping... a great day of rest, relaxation and much needed rejuvenation. One trip out to get wood helped loosen the sore muscles, and provided some great wood... who has ever heard of a stove heating a place to 110F !! I was dying!

The trip out was much faster for several reasons: less weight being pulled out, our previously broken trail, more frequent refueling stops and at mile four a real surprise. Those who maintain the trail had come out and had packed the trail... not just with a snow machine, but with a groomer.
We were on a packed highway! The trip out only took us 4.5 hours, and for the last four miles we were walking at a pace of 20 minute miles... a vast difference from two days prior. It was a great trip overall, and I'm excited by the idea of being able to do trips like this more often once I move back...

The other parts of my week were spent hanging with the family out in North Pole.... there is always fun to be had with Onan around.... (pictures coming shortly)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Storms in Unalakleet

Enjoying a ski afterwards. The snow was wind-blown and packed, and made for some fun skiing; the sunshine wasn't bad either! :)
The inside of my door- after the storm. I wonder if my house is airtight?!?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A week at home...

and look what I did...
Stacey (red), Karis (blue) and I snow machined out to Old Woman for a night. We went out Sunday, and returned on Monday. (sorry, forgot my video was sideways... don't hurt your neck)

We had to break trail for the last 10 miles or so... no one had to been to the cabin in a while...The sunshine was awesome, and the temps were cold... but it was great to be out there again.We cut and collected lots of wood... we all decided we were born in the wrong era. We like doing the basic necessities of life, then hanging out in the cabin chatting and reading. Then again, who wouldn't like doing that instead of working 9-5 ?!?We take our wood collecting VERY serious!! (giggle)

Before that Adrianna, Karis, Stacey and myself (along with Mark Vink) took a ride up the river. It was an overcast day, but the temps were nice, and there was snow in the air. We had taken our skis too, and made an afternoon of it. Skiing for an hour in between, and then headed home...
This was the first time for me getting out in the area this year. I can't believe it, but glad I had the chance, and it may well be my last time getting out to enjoy the area here in Unalakleet. That's right I'm moving to Fairbanks! Looking forward to spending more quality time with family, friends in Fairbanks and Leif (that's my beau :)

Oh, and I also finished a quilt... well almost. Can't figure out what to do about the borders... so I will leave that for spring break when I'm in Fairbanks.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How do you get started again?!?!

So, for those of you ready to delete my blog from your list to check (mom)... how do I move forward? Do I sit here and recapture all the events since Thanksgiving? (yeah, right) Do I skip it all and just start from today? It seems like there have been a few significant events that I should share. . . to keep you in the loop. . .

My Christmas holiday was a bit different this year... I spent a little bit of time in Fairbanks, about ten days in Colorado, and two weeks in Mexico!! Yes, it was a long break :) It was fantastic... the time in Mexico was spent with my boyfriend and part of his family (his dad and his wife and extended family). Puerto Vallarta, though a bit more touristy than I like, was a great place to relax, soak up some sun, and do some diving again. A few pictures to capture the fun...

Another big event, was my sister having her baby...
I was home to welcome Charlie into the world and enjoyed spending as much time as possible with him before heading back north.
Isn't he just the cutest??

Okay, so those are the highlights... we'll try to keep you more up to date, but I'm not promising anything :)